Unknown.pngBritish Airways launches first ever dedicated seat rows for disabled passengers

Dependency on wheelchair assistance could become a thing of the past

British Airways, London, 30 December 2018
-844 473 4747

British Airways has launched specially configured seat rows in its aircraft for passengers who have reduced mobility. The move will allow disabled passengers to manoeuvre themselves on to the aircraft in their own chairs. The initiative could make reliance on wheelchair assistance, for some passengers, a thing of the past.

The dedicated seat rows are located at the front of each cabin on the bulkhead. They are designed so that passengers can slot their own wheelchair into a uniquely configured chassis. Specially designed safety belts clip the users’ wheelchair and secure it with a harness, locking it firmly into place. The wheels are secured to the cabin floor with state-of-the-art ABS brake-pads, designed by BMW. Passengers can then enjoy the flight and minimise their dependency on the crew for assistance. Both manual and electric wheelchairs are compatible with the new seats.

Each cabin, including First class, club world, premium and economy will have a devoted row of seats, giving passengers a choice of travel classes. The specially configured seats also have special entertainment systems which have a channel for passengers who have visual and audible impairments.

Alex Cruz, CEO of British Airways commented at the company’s headquarters in London. “We’re so proud to launch this initiative for passengers with restricted mobility. Our customers have told us they value their independence and don’t want to have to rely on assistance which can be slow and sluggish. This initiative delivers exactly that. The feedback we’ve had is overwhelmingly positive and we hope it sets a benchmark in the industry.”

Out of the fleet’s 700 aircraft, over 40 aircraft have already been fitted with the specially designed seats on their short-haul routes and 20 on the long-haul routes. Redesigning one 747 aircraft requires 3 months during which the plane is taken out of service. These improvements are a part of a 6.5 billion planned overhaul to modernise the company’s fleet.

The issue of reduced-mobility passengers relying on wheelchair assistance came into disrepute during the Brazilian Paralympics 2016 when prominent three-times gold medal winner, and former Royal Marine veteran, David Weir, 47, was left stranded at Luton Airport check-in by assistants who forgot to collect him. He was later rebooked on the next flight and narrowly avoided missing the opening ceremony.


David Weir three-times gold winner coming first in Brazil 2016

Alex Cruz said, “We hope other carriers will continue this initiative. We have already instructed our One World partners to comply, but we hope the Civil Aviation Authority will make this a mandatory regulation. Now all passengers have to do is give us 48 hours’ notice and they can book their dedicated seat.”
To celebrate the launch of the initiative, British Airways is offering a free 1-class upgrade to customers who book within 30 days of its launch in March.

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Notes to editors:

• This information should not be released before 02 Feb 2019, the date the CAA will officially approve this scheme.

• These special seats will be available from the 1st March 2019.
• In addition, customers who require manual assistance can still request this in advance.

About British Airways
British Airways is the largest airline in the United Kingdom based on fleet size, or the second largest, behind easyJet, when measured by passengers volume. The airline is based in Waterside near its main hub at London Heathrow Airport.

Media in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific can contact our London press office:
0844 493 0787

This press release was written on spec for British Airways. It could be sent to newspapers such as the Guardian and could be included in the travel section of British Airways’ own travel magazine High Life.

Because of its nature and the issues covered, it could also be sent out to specialised press such as Living with Disability, Aspire and Challenge.




35 Borough Road
Introducing Amazon Student
Dear S. Kapoor,

As a valued Amazon customer, I wanted to let you know about a brand new money saving incentive Amazon has just launched-

Amazon Student

Being a student is an exciting journey, with new frontiers and prospects ahead. I remember it all too well. And was grateful for the student schemes that existed when I was studying.

That’s why I wanted to launch Amazon Student.

This exciting new prospect allows anyone in your household to sign up on a scheme which offers a further 15% on all books stocked by Amazon. All you need is a student card.

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BMW 640

Designed to indulge…


This was written on-spec for BMW.

The BMW 640 offers a dynamic driving experience like no other in its range. With a spacious cabin and ultramodern controls, the 640 exudes elegance and power in equal measure.

Inside, you’ll find an array of BMW hallmarks; full leather interior, contoured seats, ambient lighting and advanced optical features such as the Heads Up Display. Generous storage transforms the car into the perfect vehicle for a family getaway. The hi-tech media centre allows passengers to indulge in a range of entertainment options whilst relaxing in comfort and style.

The 640’s advanced mechanics ensure a smooth drive. Powered by a twin-turbo engine, it offers the option of speed or the luxury of cruise control at your fingertips. Our engineers have created hidden safety features such as  Driving Assistant so while you delight in motoring, we‘re working in the background to ensure your safety.

Occupying a unique niche between a luxury saloon and expeditious sports car, the 640 is a fusion of design and technology offering a next generation driving experience.

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Whilst at an agency, the founders of the Movember charity approached the team and asked for ideas to run a campaign around Male mental health.

The ideas presented here aimed to convey a serious message whilst retaining their familiar wit, for which the charity has become well known for.



Every single minute of single every day, a Strong Silent Type commits suicide

Tony Soprano is the new Tony Montana

Silence is golden – If you’re the Clint Eastwood type or The Man with no Name.

For years, men have defined themselves by their actions and achievements. They have never been comfortable talking about their feelings. They’d rather bottle them up.

That’s why, 3 out of every 4 suicide fatalities is a man. Because men still believe that myth that boy’s don’t cry.

Movember is a serious challenge, looking to change redundant stereotypes and encourage men to speak out about real stuff and take mental health seriously.

By donating, talking and getting involved, we aim to reduce the suicide rate in men by 25% by 2030.

The Strong Silent type is dead – Long live Mo! Donate and participate at –



It’s all about the nuts and bolts

Thing One and Thing Two

Your nuts have been with you since day 1 – but how well do you really know them? Chances are, you’ve more familiar with North than South.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer between men aged 15 to 39 and a leading cause of death.

Movember is raising awareness and by spreading the word, we aim to halve the number of deaths from testicular cancer by 2030.

Next time you’re in the shower, have a feel – if something’s changed down South, check in with your doctor and get it checked out. If you’re not looking after your nuts, who will?

Then tell your mates about it – spread the word – stop men dying too young.

Donate and participate at –



What Breast Cancer is to Women, Prostate Cancer is to Men

Size matters

The prostate gland is about the size of a walnut and sits below your bladder. It functions to produce fluid for semen.

Over the duration of a man’s life the prostate gland can increase in size. Although this itself is not a sign of cancer, it might be a symptom of prostatitis.

And because the prostate is not visible, many men feel embarrassed speaking and thinking about it. They dismiss it, out of sight, out of mind.

With your donations, Movember is funding new accelerated research with a focused aim to reduce deaths by prostate cancer and support survivors who live with the side effects.

Donate and participate at –



Mochos Machos

I can’t – We Can

What we need is a legion of Mo’s to step up to the challenge and stop men dying too young.

It’s about time we changed the idea of what a strong man is and the kind of conversations men can have with other men.

We need a brotherhood of Mo’s to raise awareness and to educate other men on prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

The single biggest obstacle to a man’s well-being is the traditional yet obsolete image of masculinity ; the Strong and Silent type; the one who just gets on with it no matter what; the one who thinks it’s a sign of weakness to talk about how he feels.

With YOUR help and support, we are changing this. We are raising awareness and investing in medical research. Get Involved, learn about our movement.

Donate and participate at –




A current project I’m working on is for a bespoke pet-clothing company called Chien Lunatique, based in The Cotswolds.

I’m working with the web-site designer to alter the copy to increase web traffic for this brand. We are researching the couture market for pets and it is surprisingly a growing buisness.



    White Instagram Icon

    Website designed by Stephen Shotton Design.  




    Here at Chien Lunatique, we understand how much you cherish your dog and how much they mean to you – we feel the same. 

    That is why we have searched the market for the finest materials to bring you a range of bespoke luxury gifts, including fun-interactive toys and delicious grain-free treats for your pet dog.

    And because our products are –

    • organic
    • 100 % cotton
    • washable
    • waterproof

    You can be reassured that your adorable pooch will stay warm and most importantly, on-trend.

    Whether it’s our luxurious polar-fleece or cotton drying coats, your furry-friend will feel wrapped up without compromising on style.

    And with our range of elegant matching attire, you can walk your gorgeous pooch to compliments as you both parade in our carefully selected couture.

    Chien Lunatique – discerning canine gifts with a twist.

    Travel blog

    Discover Goa, discover yourself

    To see the world in a grain of sand…

    Picture tranquil blue waves lapping a white-sanded beach lined with palm trees…

    In the distance, a solitary figure salutes the setting sun…

    As we move in closer, we get snatched glimpses of a placid man: a tattooed ankle… a rosary around his neck… the whiff of incense lingers…

    Meet Charlie – a UX designer from South London. He looks like a yogi as he picks up his poncho and saunters to a café, where he orders chai.

    “I came to Goa for 7 days, last year after I finished my contract. I’ve been here ever since.”

    Charlie’s one of many travellers who have rediscovered this scenic paradise which sits between the states of Maharashtra and the backwaters of Kerala. Perfect for anyone travelling on a shoestring budget.

    “I grew up listening to my parents talk about Goa in the 1960’s. I was expecting to see chanting hippies. There’s still a few of them, but there’s so much more.”

    Goa is India’s most popular tourist destination. This former Portuguese colony has left its delicious stamp and a culinary legacy which attracts millions of visitors every year.

    Its coastline is home to some of the most breath-taking beaches in the Asia, famous for hosting all-night parties, reminiscent of the 1960’s,

    Charlie spends warm nights in a bamboo-hut, an experience on many travellers’ bucket list. On other days he visits Goa’s vibrant markets where he chats to fellow travellers while listening to a fusion of trance and Goan beats.

    At just 9 hours away from London, Goa is serviced by a range of airlines who offer budget tickets and accommodation.

    “I’m not in a hurry to get back, ” he says. He’s just started a new 3-month contract working remotely . “I start work every day at 9 am in this café. By 5 pm, I’m meditating on the beach. What kind of job gives you that kind of freedom?”

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    Or call – 0207 385 7234

    A short film for Investec


    Whilst at A Perfect Storm BBD, a creative agency based in London, I wrote this three- minute film for Investec as a B2B promotional piece.

    The brief from the client stated they wanted to reflect their roots. They are a firm based in South Africa and have grown quickly as an asset managment group here in London. They maintain a strong connection with their origins.

    The premise of this short film is – Mahabi, a slum-kid from the Soweto ghetto, dreams of making it as a professional cricketer but has to overcome adverse poverty and the ghetto mentality of his peers.


    A short film for Investec

    Written by

    Sal Kapoor

    FADE IN with sports commentary —


    As the batsman comes to the crease, the scores are level – 1 ball remaining, 1 run required and 1 wicket needed…



    The Soweto slums – sprawling out as far as the eye can see – corrugated iron sheds, mounds of rubbish, makeshift kiosks – organised chaos… madness…



    A crooked pathway – two open sewers run alongside it – at the end of the path stands a wooden stick – 4ft propped up by a few bricks…

    We reveal the puny frame of MAHABI, 10, a waif in rags, barefoot – staring at the wood like it’s his nemesis. A glint of determination sweeps his eyes – The Restless Spirit…

    In his hands – a ball of string and rubber-bands – he tosses the ball from hand to hand like a professional bowler…


    We’ve arrived, moment of truth…

    Mahabi glances to his left – a gaggle of slum kids huddled in a doorway – smoking – sipping beer – they shoot him looks – willing him to fail…

    Mahabi flicks his eyes to the stump – bounds towards it – swinging his arm like a windmill – he releases the ball-

    In SLO MO – the ball skidding off the ground –

    The slum kids hold their breath – the ball flies by, missing the stump –

    A look of despair sweeps Mahabi’s eyes as the slum kids fall about laughing. Mahabi ignores them, picks up the ball when thunder rumbles across the sky —

    He looks up – ominous clouds rolling towards the slums – an anxious look in his eyes —


    Mahabi – scurries along the narrow lanes – clutching the stick and ball – he leaps over an open drain – Slum dwellers lay in doorways – watch him fly past –


    Mahabi slams the door closed, out of breath – from outside – sounds of thunder – He races away, disappearing into the back of the shed –

    CUT TO


    Mahabi – lays on the ground, staring at the ceiling, twirling the string ball in his hand.

    CUT TO


    All are asleep – except Mahabi – he’s still staring at something in the ceiling – his mind ticking over, playing with the ball.


    Close on the wooden stick – propped up by the bricks — Mahabi stares at the stump – determined —

    One of the slum kids steps out from a doorway –


    Why don’t you just give up, bro? Forget that, come and hang out with us…


    I can’t, you wouldn’t understand…

    The slum kid shrugs as Mahabi bounds towards the crease – In SLO MO – the ball skids of the ground – flies into the stick and splits it into 2 pieces…

    The slum kid gasps – amazed –


    Whoa… you did it…

    Mahabi’s stunned – he stares at the broken stick. Just then a crack of thunder fills the sky. He panics – picks up the broken stick and disappears through into the backstreets –

    CUT TO


    Mahabi slams the door shut – races to the bedroom –


    Mahabi leaps onto a rickety old chair – clutching the broken stick. There’s a hole in the roof – rain water pouring in.

    CUT TO


    POV – We’re floating high … way up … high in the sky … panning across the vast slum, spread out like a battered city of lights.

    We focus on Mahabi’s shed from above – a tiny slit in the tin roof – gaps of light creeping out — we’re thrust towards it… zooming down… way down… gathering pace now… faster… faster…. through the gap… bursting into the room…


    … Where we see five kids sprawled out – arms and legs everywhere – Mahabi’s kid brothers and sisters, asleep on the ground. Mahabi’s in the centre, awake, looking up at the roof.

    MAHABI’S POV – looking up – the two sticks have sealed the gap, bound by string. It’s keeping the rain out. He used bits of the roof to practice…

    IN SLO MO – a raindrop trickles through the gap, falls straight towards Mahabi –

    CUT TO:


    IN SLO MO – the rain drop’s still falling –

    Mahabi looks up just as the raindrop sloshes his face. He smiles, refreshed. He’s a grown man now, dressed in South Africa’s kit.


    Nine wickets down and Mahabi to deliver the last ball of the

    innings. He needs a wicket to take

    South Africa into the final…

    Mahabi thunders towards the crease – releases the ball – it whizzes along – 90 mph – skids off the turf and smashes the wicket – pole-axing bails and stumps everywhere –

    The crowd erupt – cheering shouting his name…





    The Ocean in the background – waves break on the shore – A gleaming sports car cruises by – tinted windows – twin exhaust – alloy wheels – impressive machinery –


    The metropolis – suffocating – packed with pedestrians, commuters, beggars, traders, high rise buildings. Noises are piercing – cabs honking – dogs barking –

    A group of slum kids play cricket in a dead-end street, barb-wire fences – broken gates. They turn as the sports car lurches to a halt – the window slides down to reveal Mahabi behind the wheel…

    He watches the slum kids improvise with sticks for stumps, cans for bails –

    One of kids flicks a cursory glance at Mahabi – their eyes lock for a beat – Mahabi  recognises that glint – it’s The Restless Spirit…

    The kid bounds towards the wicket – releases the ball just as we –



    I’ve just started working with this business, Party Wishes.

    Our plan is to tidy up the web-site, rewrite the copy and attempt to increase its web traffic with a series of short blogs about celebrations around the world.

    Party Wishes UK